Call for papers for EAEA14

AAU-CRENAU will organize the 14th European Architectural Envisioning Conference EAEA14. The Conference will take place from the 3rd to 6th september 2019 in France, at the school of architecture, ENSA Nantes The main topic is Envisioning ambiances: representing (past, present and future) atmospheres for architecture and the built environment

Du 3 septembre 2018 au 6 septembre 2018 Toute la journée

Du 3 septembre 2018 au 6 septembre 2018 Toute la journée

Call for papers

The concept of “ambiance” has been formed over the years by questioning the interactions between three attractors: architecture and the city, climatic and sound phenomena, uses and perception. Studied in pairs, each of these attractors refers to very different disciplinary fields, architecture and phenomena concern the physics of the city, architecture and uses interest sociology and uses and phenomena are rather turned to comfort. Studies concerning ambiances are therefore highly interdisciplinary and open to many questions: living spaces, urban renewal and heritage, urban prospective and the city as a stage. For this, many conceptual and technical tools are mobilized: digital tools for simulation and immersion, investigation, surveys and storytelling, prototyping, field action. What may be new in the field of academic studies is the awareness of artistic creation as a resource for the use of digital tools, storytelling and the representation of complexity through original means. Subjects may be, but not limited to:

  • Visualization of the ambiance-related knowledge;
  • A cultural approach to climatic, light and sound phenomena;
  • Methods of communicating the ambiance issues to the society;
  • Enhancing and stimulating sensitive approaches to the built environment in education;
  • Envisioning all aspects of ambiance perception.

The EAEA14 Conference welcomes submissions of research papers, which will be organized in three tracks, namely:

  • Ambiance, storytelling and immersion (representation and communication of medium including analog, digital and immersive environment)
    Keywords: analog digital media, immersive devices, representation
  • Ambiance and education (tools, techniques, and strategy of design teaching)
    Keywords: parametric design, conceptual studies, digital world
  • Ambiance and Design (process, analysis, observation and execution of design for objects, space, built-form and urban environment)
    Keywords: conceptual design, perceptual design, analytical design, performative design, visual design parametric design, simulation design

The “call” is for extended abstracts of between 1,000 to 1,200 words with a maximum of two illustrations. Those whose abstracts are accepted will be invited to submit a (max) 8-page paper. Decisions on acceptance will be based on the response of an international review committee. Its decision will be final.


  • Abstracts submission deadline: 2018.09.30
  • Abstracts notification:  2018.11.24
  • Articles submission deadline: 2019.01.12
  • Articles notification: 2019.02.22
  • Camera-ready version: 2019.03.15
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